about djibril, who and where?

Djibril Sall (b. 1994) is a performer, choreographer, and writer based in New York City and Berlin. Originally from Dakar, Senegal and emigrating to Memphis, TN at five years old, their work is informed by their life as a first generation queer migrant and their experience as an adolescent cancer survivor. Even after starting life in America, Dakar never left their household; the steaming spices of mafé, Islam, and Pulaar as the dominant language at home ensured strong exposure to Senegalese sensibilities. However, being black in America has a way of complicating identities so that new, divergent cultures are formed in perpetually discordant rhythms. Through their work, they hope to complicate the idea of a singular narrative that is prescribed to the African diaspora.

Djibril received their BA with honors in Dance from Wesleyan University with a focus on Performance Studies, Queer Studies, and Critical Race Studies. They are an avid student on the production of trauma and the habits that facilitate its continued existence as intergenerational trauma. At the moment they are concerned with how the path to utopia for many communities living on the margins is rooted in closing deep wounds and navigating the ruptures that arise in the process of healing these traumas. 

Djibril has worked with organizations serving the needs of underrepresented communities such as Girls Inc. of NYC and BUFU (By Us For Us). Additionally, they have presented talks at The New School in New York City, Sophiensaele in Berlin, and Dansens Hus in Oslo. They have also worked with artists such as Jeremy Shaw, Vladimir Miller, Julian Weber, and Faye Driscoll. In 2019, they received the danceWEB Scholarship in Vienna.

  • work.djibril@gmail.com

  • Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT)  B.A. Dance

  • SomoS, “At Our Funerals We Wear White” Berlin, Germany.
  • babycastles, “31 Conversations With Death” New York, NY.
  • Bessie Schonberg Dance Studio, “Everything is Not Chill” Middletown, CT.
  • Patricelli ’92 Theater, “Goodnight Morphine” Middletown, CT.
  • Patricelli ’92 Theater, “Long Distance Relationship” Middletown, CT.
  • CFA Theater, “undone” Middletown, CT.

Performance Experience
  • Cartier, “Clash de Cartier” Frank Willens. Munich, Germany.
  • impulstanz (mumok), “Unstable Nights” Vladimir Miller, Claudia Hill, Roberto Martinez, Julian Weber. Vienna, Austria.
  • Radikal Jung Fest “Medusa Bionic Rise” THE AGENCY( Yana Thönnes). Munich, Germany.
  • Kunstverein Göttingen, “Remain Calm” Nile Koetting. Göttingen, Germany.
  • Uferstudios, “Graduation Wormhole” Mariana Vieira-Nobre. Berlin, Germany.
  • CFA Theater, “Storied Places” Choreographed by Associate Professor of Dance, Nicole Stanton. Middletown, CT. USA (Dramaturge).
  • CFA Theater, “World of Dance Concert; Bharatanatyam” Choreographed by Associate Professor of Dance, Hari Krishnan. Middletown, CT. USA.
  • Memorial Chapel, “To Not Forget Crimea” Choreographed by Associate Professor of Dance, Katja Kolcio. Middletown, CT. USA  (Dramaturge).

  • Girls Inc. of NYC, “Contemporary and Hip Hop.” 16 Weeks. Astoria, NYC.
  • The New School, “Somatic and Spacial Awareness Workshop.” 4 Weeks. NYC, NY.

Projects & Published Works
  • Essay, “A Navel Gazing on This Body” Afghan Punk.
  • Poetry, “loneliness who comes with silence” Winter Tangerine.
  • Prose, “Conversations With Death” The New Engagement.
  • Series of essays, “The Homes We Inhabit” Loam Magazine.
  • Poetry chapbook, “psychic migrations” Self Published.
  • The Long Distance Relationship Project. NYC, NY; Memphis, TN; Houston, TX
  • The First Generation Project. Middletown, CT

Speaking Engagements
  • Dansens Hus . “The Work of Queer Utopia” Speaker. Oslo, Norway
  • Dice Festival. “Race, Gender, and Identity Politics as Currency: Whose is it to Spend?” Panelist. Berlin, Germany.
  • Dance of Urgency (frei_raum Q21 exhibition space). “Pedro Marum: Dance Ordinance”  Panelist. Vienna, Austria.
  • Altes Finanzamt. “it's all about that excess, baby” Speaker. Berlin, Germany
  • Sophiensaele. “Politics of Love #5” Curator and Moderator. Berlin, Germany
  • be’kech. “Discrimination in Hybrid Spaces” Co-Moderator with Erkan Affan. Berlin, Germany
  • Bluestockings. “What About Long Distance Relationships?’ Co-Moderator with Yatta Zoker. NYC, NY.

Prizes and Residencies
  • PRAKSIS. Oslo, Norway. 2020
  • impulstanz danceWEB Scholarship. Vienna, Austria. 2019
  • Loam, December Artist in Residence. NYC, NY. 2016
  • Black Alumni Council Prize. Middletown, CT. 2015
  • DanceLink Fellowship. Middletown, CT. 2015
  • Questbridge Scholarship. National Prize. 2012